Craigslist Madness

Written By bryanboy

Craigslist Madness

I see what y'all did there! FESS UP. WHO AMONGST YOU POSTED THIS ON CRAIGSLIST? My NYC papi (I can't tell who) sent this to me.


  1. awnawnymoose

    your now officially a fetish.

  2. congrats for officially entering pop culture!
    with a bag and fetishes named after you, you are a living legend :-)

  3. wouldn’t it rock his world if he actually got you instead of a “copy” hahaha i don’t think he understands that getting on your knees might ruin your pants, rude!

  4. A B R I E L

    f0r several years that i’ve been checkin out this site, my God! this is your best hairstyle EEEVEERR! as in perfect color, cut, etc! im not a fashion shitty though, just a personal point of view. simple yet such a dazzling force! :))

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