Chanel Spring Summer 2009 Bags

Written By bryanboy

Chanel Spring Summer 2009 Bags

More on those carrier bags as actual tote bags

Chanel Bags Spring Summer 2009

Click click click!

These bags are hysterical!!!! I love the tongue-in-cheek humor in these!!

Chanel Bags Spring Summer 2009

Alternative shots of the Chanel 31 Rue Cambon tote bag (thanks Style Today):

Chanel Spring 2009 Bags

Chanel 31 Rue Cambon tote bag

Chanel tote bag 31 Rue Cambon

MUST BUY!!!!!!!!! I'm salivating already!!!

*photo credit: catwalking, style today


  1. I don’t like the idea of writing CHANEL 31 RUE CAMBON in a large characters on bags..
    I think it’s too cheap..

  2. That’s the fun part….. I love how it’s in-your-face, how it’s so OUT THERE. It’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to people using carrier bags as bags (a common occurrence especially here in the philippines).

  3. Sorry for my English Bryan, but for carrier bags you mean shopping bags or something similar?
    Because the shopping bags, which first were used to spending, now in Italy are used as normal bags to use every day to do anything..
    But I’m talking about ordinary shopping bags in canvas not of Chanel bags..that for me, like those, seem so cheap..
    I repeat.. Sorry for my English :P

  4. mrscorkster

    Do you have a guesstimate for how much the bags would cost? I would love to get one for my mother.

  5. no guesstimate. the chanel show finished just a few hours ago!!!!!!! the photos aren’t even up on let alone prices of bags!
    knowing chanel i bet they’re gonna be in the $3000 range and UPWARDS!!!!!!

  6. it’ll be a lot cheaper-looking without the address cause a bag that just says “CHANEL”… very common fakes in markets… like markets that sell cheap stuff esp in asia.

  7. chinita

    It’s not tongue-in-cheek…they just ran out of fresh new ideas. Blllkkkkt.

  8. yeah.. the bag is not very tempting.. am sure there will be loadsss of fake ones in asia…

  9. Jessica

    OMG they are so cute! all you haters have to LEAVE the bags alone. The fact that they drew so much emotion and responses from people, whether good or bad, is already good for Chanel. Bad publicity is still publicity.
    For everyone who thinks it’s “uncreative” to use such a oft-used design, that is The Whole Point. Get with the program.

  10. That B&W dress on the top row is screaming Shoemart salesgirl!
    (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

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