Happy Birthday L'Officiel Singapore!!!!

I went to Borders a few hours ago to buy the October issue of L'Officiel Singapore who celebrates their first year anniversary this month. Maggie Rizer resurrected from the ashes with a ferocious cover.

Maggie Rizer for L'Officiel Singapore October 2008

You're in for a major surprise!!! CLICK CLICK CLICK!

Armed with an iced cafe latte from Starbucks, I leafed through the magazine like a maniac (btw you should check out the "Happy Birthday L'Officiel" editorial styled by Serene Seow… SUPER COOL! The 80s Redux editorial by Jeremy Tan is so chic as well — I love the use of fur. 104% decadent!!) to check if I was there. Lo and behold I'm on the back and final page. Think of Vogue's "Last Look".

PS. OMG this is SOOO gonna look good in my press album/model-wannabe portfolio. Delusional much? JK. TEARSHEET!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!