BlackJack, PS Cafe Palais Renaissance Hotel Singapore

Written By bryanboy

BlackJack, PS Cafe Palais Renaissance Singapore

Oh what a busy, busy day.

Bryanboy at Blackjack boutique, Forum Shopping Arcade, Orchard Road Singapore.

Click click click!

I met up with the lovely Sharon of Style Magazine Singapore for lunch at Palais Renaissance Hotel’s PS Cafe.


  1. hahaha! its okay bb! just think that you strutted on a loooonnnng runway.. haha! i love the shirt mcQ tshirt.. :D

  2. omg, are you’re still in SG? if only i could bump into you! haha. take care and have a sunny good time here.

  3. omg, are you still in SG? if only i could bump into you, haha. take care and have a sunny good time here.

  4. OMG BB, my bad for being too out of touch with the WWW. Ive only been your avid reader since a year ago. I hope youre having fun here in SG! Dont mind the weather (and the concrete jungle everywhere) There are plenty of air-conditioned shopping malls here:D If only we’ve bumped into each other! Take care, love!

  5. omg can’t believe you took a cab from paragon to PS cafe! hahahaha and i was at blackjack this afternoon. damn what a waste i didn’t get to bump to you =(

  6. wow!! so busy–the happy fun kind of busy!
    btw, mmmm if you can..pls tell sharon of style to distribute style: here somehow hehe i love that magazine!

  7. Mr.Cheung

    Hello bryanboy,May I ask you your HERMES BIRKIN bag is what size? because I want to buy a new one same as you.thank you!

  8. Wow! I paid Blackjack a visit in Thailand during the year 2006 and I never knew until now that I walked inside a store full of designer clothes. I wasn’t really very much aware of fashion names before.

  9. candyfighter

    omfg, miss blackjack soo muchh.
    DUDE you BADASS! goodness, amazings. (:

  10. Bryan, I just love you and your blog. That MCq top is extremely hot, but I totally get what you are saying about grey and sweat.

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