Alexander McQueen Spring 2009 – Jourdan Dunn

Written By bryanboy

For the love of fashion…

Check out this Alexander McQueen catsuit.

Jourdan Dunn for Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2009

Now let’s go backstage. Click click click!

Now think of all the pain Jourdan Dunn went through for the love of fashion.

*photo credits:, catwalking


  1. Jourdan was obviously in pain. She still went out there, worked it, and represented for her Black massive. Work Jourdan, show them how to make pain work in your favour.

  2. Alexander is in Paris now!
    Blessed him!!!!!!
    The new man’s jackets are so cute *.*
    Obviously the price isn’t so low, but are so beautiful!
    What do you think?

  3. Oaxaca Xoxocotlan

    to begin, i super love Alexander McQueen’s excitingly-mysterious-creations! pure talent.
    i’ll wear this catsuit…
    1.) under a space suit. on my official travel to the moon.
    2.) During the Easter Sunday Mass at the Vatican Square
    3.) Courtesy Call to the next US President
    4.) 2012 London Summer Olympics (100 meter Athletics)
    5.) on a Slaughterhouse.

  4. Balenciaga, is dat chu??
    His whole collection seems REAAAL familiar.
    Even the sheer pieces with pieces of fabric just draping around remind me of Balenciaga, except for the tacky flowers on the one side of the boob. I don’t know why…

  5. I take it back, the sheer dresses with the flowing pieces of fabric are STRAIGHT UP Givenchy, again minus the flowers.

  6. kewcity

    hey am joudans friend. lol i had to suck it in to much. she had a net over her face GOD THE THINGS THIS DESIGNERS TO THIS DAYS JUST TO TOP UR LAT SHOP IS CRAZY

  7. the hair’s very last season jean paul gaultier, i loved the stuffed animals! it was like the models were barbie dolls come to life and we’re in a far out toy store.

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