Your Prayers Are Needed

Written By bryanboy

PS. I'll share you more details about Francis Magalona's fundraising drive when they are available.

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  1. Hi bb, I am sorry to hear about your aunt..i’ve been viewing your blog since last year but i only managed to comment until now..anyway, i can totally relate with what you are going grandma (my dad’s mom) was diagnosed with colon cancer a year ago..she only complained of her frequent back aches, so she decided to have a complete was then they found out that it was way more than back ache..she had stage4 colon cancer that spread to her liver and was so painful for us to get through it..they couldn’t do an operation because it has already metastasized to her different was too late for that..chemo won’t do any good too..she was diagnosed on february and she left us on june of the same year..but even if we knew that it was about to happen, we gave her whatever she wanted..our family and friends supported her..i know you and your family can get through this, and your aunt is lucky because they were able remove the affected part of her and nothing serious was strong strong for your aunt..:) oh,i’m sorry to bore you with my story..i just felt like sharing..:)

  2. Christopher Ferraris

    I’m sorry BB, but I’m sure everything will turn out completely fine. Stay Strong and Fierce.

  3. Tell her to drink YAKULT or DANON as there have been findings it cures colon cancer. It could help the stomach too.

  4. Dear Bryanboy
    I know how it feels to be in your situation right now…It’s very difficult to be in it..managing your career and of course what your family is going thru…I just want you to know that everything will be alright, God is always there(even thou your a god yourself) ready to answer your prayers and listening to you.just be strong
    I’m from Davao and an avid reader of your blog.i even pattern my life to yours(naaahh just kidding)I’m just happy that you are putting this third world country on the map.i love your work and how you put your effort into blogging about fashion and all..kudos to you.I’m looking forward for more cause you never run out of have opened our eyes to the world of fashion that we dont know.your blog is a door to fashion heaven and I find myself reading it more day by day wishing that I would be in it or even sitting with you in the front row in the up comming fashion week(I’m a desperate social climber……..nahh just kidding again)…
    anyway the Philippines is proud of you………
    your avid fan
    Leo(hand bag toting boy)

  5. Hello BB,
    I live near Royal Oak (about 15 minutes away by freeway). I will email you privately after this entry. Let me know how I can help. My prayers are with you.

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