World of Wonder

Written By bryanboy

Caption This

This ginormous paper bag was made for World's runway show.

So tell me, how does this make you feel?

World, New Zealand

Thats all.


  1. OMG !! BRYAN !!
    I hadn’t read your blog in a few days, so I didn’t know you were in the country. I got the HUGEST SHOCK when I was reading the fashion week coverage in the paper. omg. I would die if I ever bumped into you while walking queen street. die.
    p.s you should have a little meet and greet for your fans :D

  2. That you could actually fit in the whole damn world in it like the bag says or at the very least new zealand

  3. Aling Lydia

    Ehem… If I remember correctly BB was the first to do this pose, waaaayyy before Posh did it (or the shoot director copied it) for the Marc Jacobs ad campaign. Nothing, just a history lesson. All said, BB and the giant paperbag for the win!

  4. Is it a big bag, or a skinny BB? or both maybe!!?? love you baby. come to the uk please! x

  5. It’s all very metaphorical. The paper bag is bigger and it has the word ‘world’ on it. You’re hotter than ever Bryan. Love it.

  6. Vanya Orme

    Hey BB
    Was fab to catch up with you last night.
    Hope you enjoyed FW Wrap Party, I skipped out early so not sure how it ended.
    Have a safe flight back to the States.
    Big kiss from NZ baby!

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