1. punk troll christmas. there’s a way to use red n green together n look rasta punk, this is not it.

  2. Tina Turner is dat chu???
    Buckingham Palace guard is dat chu??
    Cruella De Ville is dat chu??

  3. Sorry, Bryan. But, the location of World’s atelier is no “secret”. Everybody in the industry here in Auckland knows exactly where the old church is. ;)

  4. Just found u out today…
    U manage to do some pretty cool stuff…especially when it comes to promoting yourself. That is interesting.
    Hello from Brazil.
    P.S.: I loved the “dat chu” stuff…

  5. please try not to look like a trying hard fashionista sometimes….sometimes the best fashion statement is effortless, toned-down dressing…be wary of people who patronize you, when deep inside they actually think you’re a freak, they couldn’t care less since they won’t be caught dead wearing the things you wear sometimes, especially your hideous outfits with the huge bows which makes you look like a matchstick wrapped in a ribbon…

  6. why no word on the Milan shows? are you heading to EUROPE?!!?!
    You can’t have missed Prada were several models took good tumbles because of the shoes…

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