Where's Next?

Written By bryanboy

Where's Next?

I swear I had the weirdest dream last night. I won't go into detail but in my dream, I embarked on a little  Bryanboy tour. Call it the "BB invasion" if you must. Australia? Done. China and Hong Kong? Finito (for now… because China is HUGE).

Now where should I recruit new followers to the Church of Bryanboy next? We gotta start somewhere small/near so don't pull the New York/London/Milan/Paris card on me.

Oi it's free to dream so shut it.
(All sponsors are more than welcome, of course. Haha.)

Tick tock tick tock the clock is ticking…


  1. Sweetie come to Malaysia! KUALA LUMPUR LOVES BRYANBOY!! We can sooo work out something to have you visit us!

  2. either tokyo or singapore! you have lots of singaporean fans right? it’s time to show xiaxue who’s the blog queen of singapore! LOL

  3. vienna! it’s in the middle of europe so you can get to paris and milan in a second :P

  4. of course The Czech republic! or Vienna.. i was there last week, it´s amazing city!! :*

  5. I know its ridculous but Thailand is a nice destination…..may be in 3 months due to the political stuff thats going on!!

  6. Come to Los Angeles….I’ll give you the grand tour!!! We’ve got a pretty happening scene, even Steven Meisel and Matthias Vriens have both relocated here.

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