What's in the bag?

Written By bryanboy

What’s in the bag?

No, I didn’t get to keep the ultra luxe and ultra soft Marc Jacobs cashmere sweater nor the slouchy chica wool trousers I borrowed. I did, however, managed to grab (FOR KEEPS) a few things for myself at Marc by Marc.

So what’s in the bag? Click click click!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sequined Jacket

Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 Sequined Jacket

This baby is so GORGEOUS! I fell in love with this jacket the first time I laid my eyes on her. I don’t own many shiny, shimmering sequined pieces and this is a good start. I know what you’re thinking. No, I don’t think it’s a granny jacket. I really love it. Plus… you all know I have a crazy weakness for anything striped.

I’m so gonna wear that with a crisp white shirt (with a black bow tie) or a super soft chiffon black shirt underneath. Anyway, there are so many ways to wear that jacket. I love it!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Colour-block Sweater

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 color block sweater

This is super chica. Enough said. The sweater comes in other colours as well, like navy blue + royal blue and purple + pink.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Off the Deep End Tee

Marc by Marc Jacobs Off the Deep End t-shirt

This tee is one of my personal must-haves this fall. I even blogged about it a few months back. Buy it now at Shopbop for US$68! Shopbop ships ANYWHERE in the world!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Striped Cardigan

Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan

Stripes ruled the Marc by Marc runway this season and I had to get this cardigan to keep me warm this fall. No silly, not in the third world but at a secret location you’ll find out sooner or later. *wink* I think I’ll pair it off with my black biker boots.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Intrecciato Bag

I love this bag. It’s this big, roomy black leather bag with metallic gold bits hand-woven into it. The padlock detail is quite cute. Punky, if you ask me.

I also got a few minor items here and there but I thought I’d blog the ones above.

I love you all as always!


  1. OMG you got the sequined jacket!!!
    You dint show it off to us during lunch !
    i think Victoria Tang was wearing it that night.
    It certainly ain’t granny.
    There’s a kid version of that sequined jacket in the Little Marc Jacobs collection.

  2. Hmm. Not into the sequins so much. But I do have a certain affinity for stripes… So I can kind of relate to that. Hahaha.
    I looooove the bag! :D

  3. I’d pair that sparkly striped jacket with your Lanvin tee from your banner photo!

  4. you are right! there are so many ways to wear that jacket, and i’m sure every way is will be stunning! goshh i want that jacket!!
    ps : me agree, its not granny at all!

  5. mrscorkster

    Re: striped sequined jacket
    Mrs. van der Woodsen-Bass isdatchu?
    All hail flashy WASPy style!

  6. Nadir Tejani

    The jacket is an exquisite piece on its own, but what I really like is the juxtaposition of moods in that same colour block sweater.

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