US$2,496 for an 8-Hour Flight???

Written By bryanboy

US$2,496 for an 8-Hour Flight???

Price does not include taxes, fuel charges and all that bollocking bullcrap they charge on top of the fare. AND THIS IS CATTLE CLASS!!!!!

Click click click!

Are you effing kidding me? Since when did it become more expensive to go to Sydney than Paris? I don't even want to look up business class fares. What a complete turn-off.


  1. Acheng, check mo muna ung promo kasi nila…cheaper if you go on the hotel/tour package than buying just the ticket. Also all airlines naman, the nearer your departure, the more expensive talaga. I just checked the other day parang Mla-Melbourne/Sydney was $540 lang a.
    H’wag na ikaw galit sa PAL…you’re lucky you haven’t tried Continental yet. Booking and flying on their planes are much worse. And Qantas to Sydney is soooo bad…remember its latest accident? Also, discourteous FAs and drunk Aussies…eew.
    I’m not a PAL employee ha…just a frequent flier :)

  2. omg, i can’t believe it costs that much! that’s crazy! not worth it to go to sydney, even though i’m from brisbane, go to melbourne!

  3. waah! yeah! i saw that! haha! i was about to go there too, but when i checked out the price… NO THANKS! hahaha! its sooo shtupid! haha!

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  5. emmeline

    BB ask your TA about Singapore Airlines. screw PAL – who rides that shit anyway? SQ is cheap (relatively for what you get in return) and best service everrrrr, I’m serious. You’ll be surprised. Don’t book online, ask a travel agent – or if you don’t have a good one who won’t rip you off, I can recomment you one.

  6. december is peak season in sydney because it’s summer and the kids are on school holidays… that’s why the rates are higher during this time. it’s always double the normal rates.

  7. hey BB Thai Airways is always cheap they have Business tickets for about 245000 pesos which equivalent to AUD $6500. the only downside is you have to book online and present your credit card for verification at their manila office (that is lining up).
    dont do brunei air (OLD) phil airlines (old & Tired) nor qantas they are ripping you off. regarding lines in Manila you can send one of your maid to line up for u and then u go and sit at a coffe shop or have your pedi mani whatevs and then she can call u when u are called.
    problema fixed but just be within a yell and a skip coz u dont wanna be running in manila hell perspiration is so third world

  8. LOLOLOLOLOLOL @ hahada ng afam sa Malate. Still can’t get over. Hahahahaha!! :-)
    I think that’s because it’s peak season, cos I’ve a cousin who booked his flight for december just a month a go from SYD-MNL, and it cost $1800++ for an economy seat! :O

  9. btw, you’re better off getting a business class ticket because the price difference will only turn out to be a few hundred dollars. i checked on the PAL website and the unrestricted business class for the dates you chose is US$2,866.00. two years ago, i flew from sydney to manila in december and paid AUD$2400 for my ticket. the economy ticket was around AUD$1800, if i remember correctly.

  10. Hey bry. Qantas was having a sale for $1156AUD return from manila-syd. It ends soon though

  11. Hi BB, suggest you check Singapore Airlines, even if you have to go through Sing to take the flight to Australia. They have the best service. Who knows, you might be able to ride the A380 eh?
    PS. looking forward to your Beijing trip. DO take shots with the Olympic Arena as background.

  12. Ewww Singapore’s new business seats r ridiculously wide, short and when flat, there’s a big bit of plastic jutting out of the back so your in a headlock when u try to sleep. I spose thats ok if ur an obese midget with a wrestling fetish. AND how much longer would that take, including waiting for the next flight?
    Direct flights r better…and Qantas is good. Unlike what Chinita seems to think, I’ve never had rude flight attendants or a large hole in the side of my plane and I fly Qantas for days and days each year (literally, it takes forever to get to anywhere from Sydney!)
    Also, Singapore Airlines’ accidents have killed 83 people in the past decade…Qantas has had no fatal accidents since 1951.
    And P.S. Chinita, your comment about drunk Aussies…not bigoted at all…

  13. Likie Ryc said, Thai might be a good bet. I know a family from Sydney who travels like a rock star entourage 3-4x a year and they usually fly thru BKK. Maybe (does it make sense??) you can look at Emirates, Qatar, etc. bec although they sound scary, the planes are new, beautiful and they are very efficient. |I checked CX and Sydney is NOT even listed. That probably means all flights are taken. AS much a people say there will be a slowdown in travel, the Oz economy is still happening to a certain degree and flights allover the world to first world countries are FULL!! We flew to LOndon on TUESDAY thinking it would be less full than Fri or Mon but the WHOLE plane was full even first class.

  14. I forgot to say–I’ll tell you how full it was. I didn’t know until 12nn of THE DAY whether we were going BA or CX!!

  15. kitty made me laugh it was me boldstar who made the Thai Airways comment. i use to think reading the comment section that it was identity then comment ie between the underlines LOL as i used to say to my niece “ididnt type that” she kindly explained that its comment underline and then your identity LOL LOL LOL i am gonna pee …

  16. chinita

    At Kat re: CO: Must be among the unlucky few. I’ve never had a good time on their flights esp if you compare to SIA, BA, Cathay, or Thai. Even my American friends don’t like CO.
    At Mikki re QA: People just have different levels of comfort. Or maybe they’ve upgraded their service already. Was in 2 separate flights where FAs kept on pouring it on to thier fellow Aussies who were getting drunker and louder by the minute. And they couldn’t control them. Ok, so maybe it was bec I was in coach. Still…
    Oh yeah, and BB, onga, you’re leaving pala in December. All airlines raise their airfares that time of the year.

  17. @ chinita: Sure, people have different comfort levels, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who likes sharing their headroom with a large plastic box. Also, you say that service on Qantas was bad, yet the F/As were giving passengers plenty to drink…normally giving people what they want is called good service.
    I still don’t appreciate the racial undertones in your comments. By ‘Aussies’, I think it’s a fair assumption to say you mean white Australians, not taking into account that more than half of whatever other ethnic background on the flight probably called Australia home.
    Also P.S., you will find these ‘Aussies’ on every single flight into and out of Australia. And, on your assumption that we’re drunkards, any alcohol offered will be drunk, and we’ll become noisy and uncontrollable. Why is it that you think a Singapore Girl will control a ‘drunk Aussie’ easier than a ‘fellow Aussie’?

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