1. NYC finally I hope so I can stalk you or maybe even have you and Michael K together.

  2. well being that a lot of your fashion friends keep saying “c u in paris”, i’m gonna say paris. if so, fabulous :-)

  3. Amber CFS

    I know where you’re going! And I might see you round… I’m going to a few shows :) Enjoy your visit here!

  4. Lemme see, it looks like JAL firstclass, but wait u said long flight, it could be PARIS! MARC JACOBS Show? Good for you!
    Kudos Biatch!

  5. it can’t be nueva york bitches it’s london fashion week as we speak. I bet you a chanel sequined dress BB that your’e going somewhere in europe….paris?

  6. wow! what airline is this?
    you should check out singapore airlines suites!! the best

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