Sasha Pivovarova Saves Rodarte! (Rodarte Spring 2009) [VIDEO]

Written By bryanboy

Sasha Pivovarova Saves Rodarte!

Rodarte is one of my favourite collections this season. Everyone online reported Abby Lee’s fall (thanks to those fierce Nicholas Kirkwood heels I’d love to have) but check out this video of Karlie’s train causing problems during the finale.

Jourdan tried to get it out of the way but Sasha saved the day!


  1. Aling Lydia

    I bet she thought: “Fierce, fierce, fierce… Ooops, fabric. There. Fierce, fierce, fierce…” Lol! I laaav her! I like Rodarte but DVF’s was the best!!! Cheers BB! And more Fashion week updates pls!

  2. Yoshiko Kris-Webb

    Totally agree. Rodarte was amazing!
    My ranking is
    1.Marc Jacobs for sure
    2.Phillip Lim (Especially all the crazy Christian Louboutin shoes!)

  3. Fashion week personal favorite : Narciso Rodriguez.
    But I love what Roberto Cavalli [ which by the way one of my fave designers ] did this fashion week, he had his runway on his 5th avenue empire and invited guests. His collection was inspired by “PERU”. As always, Lots of
    Fur, Lace, Leather and Bling. Magnifico. Cavalli is Love~!

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