Roshumba Williams

Written By bryanboy

Roshumba Williams

Roshumba Williams is one of the front-row fixtures during New Zealand Fashion Week. Out of EVERYONE in Auckland, she worked it like she owned it. According to one of the fashion week minders volunteers I chatted to, Roshumba had 5 costume changes on Day 1 alone. Tinsley Mortimer is dat chu? People were talking about her throughout the week — the press and photographers love her. All the kiwis were all like “she’s a supermodel promoting her book” etc etc etc. OK. Who is Roshumba and why have I *NOT* heard of her before?


  1. Girl! Roshumba was HUGE!! They always did exotic stuff on her for Sports Illustrated though the 80’s and early 90’s. Roshumba with camel…Roshumba in desert. I shot her backstage this season and was just as thrilled to see her as she was to have someone yell “Roshumba!!” and grab a shot of her.

  2. jason Kanner

    she was a legendary runway star. did tons of american elle..and has the most radiant smile. she is legendary

  3. BB i sat next to her day one show one – Rosh handed her minder “slave” her goodie bags and had her carry them (the whole week)- she was sat in a pregnant editors allocated seat, then proceeded to perch on the end of her chair – leaving us unable to see beyond her ( even after being asked ) – front row no no. Not as impressed as you love
    perhaps she knew more about walking than sitting. Out fit changes, well she was flown in there to be seen not watch – yawn.

  4. Oh Bryan. Roshumba is huge huge. She walked most of the big shows. YSL, Armani you name it. She was also a Covergirl girl. She started the whole black girl with Mia Farrow hair thing I think. She made it cool and fresh.
    She even inspired that line from a huge club hit in late 90s..
    Sizequeen – Walk (Paul’s Groove)! That thing was on most fashion shows.
    “Walk, like Roshumba taught it to ya.”

  5. bluecandyboy

    the only time i’ve seen roshumba is in a picture of elle topmodel magazine… that was back in the 90’s, she’s ok but i’m a big Naomi fan so i didn’t mind her that much.

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