Rajo Laurel + Rajo Red Gala

Written By bryanboy

Rajo Laurel

I had the opportunity to visit Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel’s beautiful office/atelier/showroom yesterday afternoon. Rajo is one of the Philippines’ most established designers. This man has dressed countless Filipino socialites, celebrities, etc… pretty much the who’s who of Manila.

One of the things I love most about my country is that you can practically visit any local designer and have something made (without buying off the rack) to your liking and your size. Think of it as having your own mini-“couture” experience (sketches, fittings and all) without the stratospheric price tags and thousands of hours of labour.

Bryanboy at House of Laurel
(btw the shirt is from Filippa K which I wore to go there…so ignore that. haha)

I wanted a few things made to match that sequined Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket I recently got. It’s funny how I’ve known him for a few years now and this is the first time he’s doing something for me. Here’s little video of Rajo in action. Ignore our voices please, especially mine. Baklang bakla talaga! LOL

Click click click for more.

I spent quality time with him chatting about everything under the sun. I even got to try some of his jackets (in sample sizes). Unfortunately, I could barely fit into them so it really is a sign that I need to lose (just a wee bit of) weight.

Thank god I could fit into his trousers and shorts though so my (bloated) ego remained intact. Hah!

Rajo Laurel

I love Rajo. I really do. He’s super adorable and a nice person inside out.

I see what you did there!

I wish my office was as clean and as spacious as his.

Look at all these colours!

Random Trivia:

  • Rajo is one of the main judges of Project Runway Philippines.
  • Rajo used to intern for Isaac Mizrahi (whose documentary, Unzipped, is one of my earliest fashion moments/awakening).
  • Rajo employs about 400 people.
  • He also has a separate line called “RIIR” where he provides livelihood opportunities to less-fortunate women of Payatas to make products out of recycled materials (better than those eco-hoo haa whatever canvas bags), like this tote.

Check out these shoes (combination of patent leather, nylon garter and wooden cone heels). They were originally designed for one of his runway shows but demand for those shoes were high so he started producing them. The price? About P3,000 or US$65.

Last but not the least, Rajo will celebrate his 15th year anniversary next week with a gala dinner and a charity fashion show to benefit the Philippine National Red Cross (Makati Branch). Shushality to the max!  15 years. Amazing! I remember back in the dark ages when I watched tv (which I don’t do
anymore these days, I thought I’d set the record straight, fyi…) and all these local showbiz celebrities
(yes I know) would thank him etc.

Rajo Red Gala

Happy anniversary Rajo and I hope to see you again soon. Next time, show me your archives! :-)

Thank you thank you thank you!


  1. it’s amazing to see that Rajo looks better as gets older. honest.
    and boy, you sound like… Ruffarigno! hahahaha.

  2. BB i freakin’ LOVE your outfit. so hot. and i love how your hair is looking lately, very chic.
    Today my designs are being paraded and judged for the Western Australia Fashion Design Awards and they results are being announced next friday at the awards night….eeeeek! Check out my blog for the pics and stuff tonight!(www.karacraig.blogspot.com) I’d LOVE to hear what you think of my designs, cos you’re one of my icons :)
    Love Kara xo

  3. awnawnymoose

    i love Rajo and project runway philippines.
    whats up with the F description eh? fabulous? fantastic? flirtatious?

  4. This has to be one of my favourite posts from you! Good to see you getting back to what fashion is all about. I miss getting custom made items in Manila. Must visit again soon!

  5. I LOVE RAJO!!
    And Bryan u shd be one of the guest judges of runway philippines!!
    nice one bry..hope u can feature more pinoy designers here…u look fab as always!!

  6. wow. i totally didn’t expect you’d sound like that. seriously. not that that’s a bad thing though! haha!

  7. Was he inspired by Bruno Frisoni or Vanessa Bruno in making those shoes? It looks like an exact copy of Vanessa Bruno’s from last season…

  8. hi, I’m so fanatic of your dresses even though I cant afford it!! but I LOVE your your design. I’m aspiring fashion designer can you help me or teach me how to be famous and intelligent like you….

  9. Marielle Ilada

    Rajo do you have an art school I would like to enroll on your school if you have????????
    you designs is nice!!!
    I wish someday you could see my designs they are nice too!

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