1. ChrisLeDC

    Not everything translates well off the runway. I thought he was a waiter wearing some sort of apron. Not very flattering.

  2. OMG! BB, what the heck are ya doing there in woop woop land NZ!! haha, jokes… Gosh, I’m just right here in Sydney but I didnt even know they had fashion week on!! haha.
    Anyhow, gosh that Kiwi spoiled Prada.. he should have tucked his shirt in.. brrr! Those KIWIS!

  3. lol… I thought he was carrying a parasol, to which i would have said queen indeed! Who cares about the shirt, he’s hot. You go bryanboy!

  4. Like prada ánd this collection. It makes me think of Nate archibald of gossip girl, like it! But it think the man on the first picture doesn’t work it that well…

  5. I think its fierce if worn right its unique different and hes killin it in those shoes. It looks sloppy when the shirt isnt tuked in but the guy is hot gotta love a guy in prada right BB

  6. I’m trying to restrain myself from either screaming or creaming because Prada for fall was everything sartorial dreams are made of…I’m waiting for my first Prada tu-tu or applique boot sighting

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