Plaid Overload… Where Have All The Size 2s Gone?

Written By bryanboy

Plaid Overload

Back in January, I wrote that plaid is one of the biggest trends this fall. For the past few months, I told myself that I’ll NEVAH bite into that trend because plaid and checks reminded me of my old school uniforms but a visit to Zara earlier this afternoon made me weak in the knees. I was supposed to buy a present for my neice who is turning 1 but I couldn’t find a baby whatever watchamacallit shop so I ended up spending what seemed to be hours (and this month’s paycheck!!) at Zara. Come to think of it, my original intention was to pick up a few v-neck basics. Oh dear.

Now. Good news or bad news?

Good news first. I picked up a pair of cool red plaid trousers. I love it. I really do. It’s my favourite purchase as of late. I had goosebumps when I saw it on the rack because I have the colour red, Natasha Poly AND Balmain in mind.

Balmain fall/winter 2008-2009 ad campaign featuring Natasha Poly

The bad news is… click click click!



ALL the smallest sizes were gone. Gone, gone, gone! I’m usually a size 2 (or size 34) in Zara (which, btw, runs big) and all the trousers I want in my size are gone.

Red plain pants by Zara, size 4

The sales associate in Zara Glorietta pretty much told me that these trousers are hot shit (my words, not hers) so I settled for a 4 — last one in stock.

I mean come on, WHO would wear a pair of red plaid trousers in the third world? I’m shocked!

Size four is ok… it’s comfy but it doesn’t have the fit I’m aiming for… lean, long and fitted. Check this photo from TFS…

photo credit: TFS/jessie77us

I’m so jalousie much!

I think I should blame Ali Stephens. Just kidding. I was SO drawn to her poster at the store. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera with me so this photo I swiped from TFS should suffice.

Ugh. Words cannot describe how I feel right now but to give you an idea of how loose the trousers are…


  1. yeA, it’s one of those days where u found like the greatest outfit and it won’t fit u because all the sizes that u want are all god damn gone. It happened to me many times but im like, ” fuck it ” ill just buy it. Who knows i might need it or wear it in the future. Tailoring is one solution too.
    And btw, Marc Jacobs wore a Red PLAID KILT 0n last week from his fashion show in Bryant park.

  2. too big! take it back! you dont want the saggy butt look going when you have a nice butt.
    but you’ve convinced me to go out and look for red plaid pants here in Melbourne. Thanks BB! :)

  3. haha you’re making me reconsider my rules on coloured pants. anyway, do you know quincy teofisto in singapore? met in ’96 at KM8 or something. you should get shake your booty all the way to singapore!

  4. I really like trousers and i almost bought the red one which is worn by the male model.Yesterday i went to zara here in Hungary,where i live and bought 2 freakin good tees.i’m in love with em.seriously.keep up the good work bryan.

  5. Yoshiko Kris-Webb

    Hey Bryan,
    I tried to get those pants at ZARA in Tokyo last week but they had all sold out …
    I guess we shouldn’t go shopping together – might end up in a girly fight!
    Have fun in kiwiland …

  6. haha love the last pic BB!
    so that’s why Greenhills and SM department stores are spewing plaid jeans everywhere! maybe i’ll get a cheap-ass pair! =D

  7. Bryan, the pant looks like it fits well. I do not think it has to be legging-tight on your body. I mean venture out a little from the androgyny and give us a bit of bag, a bit of slouch. I find when the skinny fits like that on men, they look better.

  8. first i have to compliment, nice ass!! hehe. i saw those pants at zara the last time i went there and they had just brought it out, the red didnt one didnt catch my eye but there was a purple one of this and i really liked it…however, heres the deal that was really frustrating is that aside from a size 2 which usually goes out of stock quicker than a blink so does a size 38 i think thats a 6 or an 8. i tried the 36.. the one you have in purple but i looked like i had a muffin top. so i ended up empty handed ;( sobs*

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