Nuffnang Philippines

Written By bryanboy

Nuffnang Philippines

Nuffnang, Asia's first blog advertising community is now available in the Philippines! I met up with Timothy, one of the Malaysia-based co-founders a few months back here in Manila.

Photo: Timothy Tiah

I know right? I was so thin back then. Haha.

If, like me, you regularly visit Singaporean and Malaysian blogs, chances are that you may have noticed Nuffnang ads being displayed on their sites. Nuffnang is so successful in both countries that they want to replicate its success here in cesspit of the third world.

Click click click, especially if you are a blogger based in the Philippines!

To the uninitiated, Nuffnang is an ad network which acts in your behalf in getting advertisers and sponsors for your blog. Their local partner in the Philippines is Outcomm, a compan who already cultivated precious relationships with various advertisers and ad agencies. Imagine tapping into their network to earn revenue from your blog!

Nuffnang Philippines

They also made me their first featured blogger. Thank you!

Personally, I am impressed with their control panel. You may view various statistics such as unique visitors, views, referrers, etc.

Nuffnang Philippines

Unlike most Filipino ad networks, Nuffnang is very transparent with reporting. They don't have ads running now because they just launched but once they do, their panel will reflect your earnings, how much you're making per ad, impressions, clicks, etc.

Nuffnang Philippines Earnings Control Panel

Installing Nuffnang is very easy and they are compatible with most blogs. Just sign up on their website, fill out a form or two and copy/paste the code on your site.

I installed the 160×300 unit at the bottom right page of my site.

I'll install all of the ad units throughout my website once they have ads running otherwise, the Nuffnang logo will be displayed EVERYWHERE. Hah!

Every Philippine-based blogger is welcome and it doesn't matter whether you have 10, 100 or 1,000 blog visitors.

Check it out! Visit today.