New Zealand’s Next Top Friend

ATTENTION WHORES OF THE WORLD UNITE! Oh my god you guys I think I found the most hilarious thing ever. There’s a TV contest down in New Zealand for online attention whores like myself called “New Zealand’s Next Top Friend“. The goal is to be NZ’s most popular friend on Bebo, Facebook and Mypage (whatever that is) in a span of four weeks. They’re all staying in a Big Brother-type house with webcams all over the place. Winner takes NZ$10,000, which is like what, a Chanel bag?

Anyhooha, check out some of the hilarious aspirationals who are auditioning for the next batch. There’s this ex-stripper, ex-army THUG called Shannon.

And then you’ve got Jake who is “a gay”. Yes, he is “a gay”.

What do y’all think? Shannon or Jake? Answers on a postcard…