New York Post Page Six Magazine – The Weird & Wonderful World of Marc Jacobs

Written By bryanboy

New York Post Page Six Magazine

From yesterday's Page Six Magazine:

Trend: The Weird & Wonderful World of Marc Jacobs
By Lynn Tran

Whether making out in the gossip columns or flexing his abs in photo shoots, Marc Jacobs surrounds himself with an intriguing mix of boldfacers and misfits. Meet the stars in his constellation of cool.


  1. Hi Bryanboy, just so your picture and got curious about you. You really look handsome. And would you believe you are only sweet 16. Good luck.

  2. Saw this last sunday on NY post and i’m like WTF!?! Why did they put “twenty[bleep]” year old fashion blogger there. That’s like Ancient man. Oh well atleast you are in the Fashion Issue of Page Six. Congratulations once again.

  3. Hey BB i adore you!! Cant wait for u to come back to Oz…make sure u drop by Melbourne this time round! Anyway aren’t you 26 and not 16? It says so on the NY Post website.

  4. i love you bb but don’t be a fucking douchefag. be proud of your age. it’s not 96 y.o. in the fashion blogging world. 69 perhaps.

  5. I love it. I love it. I love it. You know, when I was in Manhattan last month I saw not one but 12 (yes, I counted) tall-and-regal skinny-majigs on stilts called models carrying your infamous namesake- BB. They’re everywhere: Pinkberry, Seaport, Fifth Ave, Central Park (three girls — two in greyish and one in something else)….even in the subway towards Lincoln.
    Gosh, even a svelte Russian girl was holding tight on a BB at the MET (her other hand was gripping this really, old Turkish looking mafioso’s arm)
    I love it. You are Bryanboyful!

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