1. bryan, i love your top!
    also, i want you to take a look at this “fashion ferosh” booth we did at an exhibition weeks ago! http://www.recyclofashion.com/ferosh.. check out the pictures we got of people holding the sign!
    p/s : the word ferosh was totally courtesy of you!

  2. Craig from New Zealand

    Of course Euro is good! My friend Paula’s partner owns it, but they’re currently in Europe. Hope you are having a good time in my little country.
    Craig x

  3. Auckland has one of the best restos in the world, I swear. Good Chinese and it even has a resto w/c serves ginormous Belgian mussels. It has really cool comedy clubs as well BB, you should try and watch one of the shows. (Sorry forgot the name of the club we went to.) Don’t forget to try to mucho delicioso red wines! Buy a case of Villa Maria Estate Pinot Noirs if you can.

  4. hey i want a bryanboy marc jacob bag!!!!!! do you know if it’s out at marc j stores yet?
    is it limited edition? I WANT I WANT I WANT
    i added you on facebk. please add me =)

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