1. how interesting can that be – no lemme guess, 50 looks of top to toe wool outfits. baa! baaaa!

  2. Ew. NZ is such is such a shit hole!
    I can say that since I’m Australian! Nothing there, beautiful and stunning but fucking boring.
    Oh, and 99% of the people are ass-ugly!

  3. Damn… I just moved out of Auckland 6 months ago – it would have been so cool just to have even the *chance* of bumping into you.
    Have fun at Fashion Week :p

  4. Did you come via Sydney? A friend of mine thought he saw you here the other day but I said it couldn’t have been. Was I wrong?

  5. all new zealanders look like sheep. lived there for 1.5 months and then left – couldn’t stand it. lamest place ever. i never saw anyone wearing anything fashionable either.

  6. As someone who has traveled extensively, I disagree with the comments concerning New Zealand. (I’m sure it was Aussie arrogance and overconfidence talking.) On the contrary, I found New Zealand to be a warm, hospitable country with a good design scene.
    The lines by Crane Brothers, Little Brother, Gubb & Mackie, and World should be highlights of fashion week there. Have a good time!

  7. yeah kennedy, like the 99% of ass-ugly people i saw when i was in aussie, but i can say that since i’m a nz’er. and isabelle – we pull out the merino only for SPECIAL occassions, otherwise it’s KW all the way, moron. Oh hiii Bryan Boy, nice psoing you fierce bitch!

  8. I think the comments on NZ are un warranted. To aska you obviously aren’t in the know of NZ fashion. Style.com has give NZer Karen Walker rave reviews on all her past NY shows. Maybe you don’t recognize style when you see it. p.s the whole I’m an Aussie thing therefore better than NZers is so old. Get over it.

  9. I just went to NZ last summer and I must say that ts one of my best trips so far. Went to WORLD as well. Definitely a must-see for a fashionista like you. Hope you’re having the time of your life. :)

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