Kelly Osbourne at Patrik Rzepski Spring 2009 New York

Written By bryanboy

Kelly Osbourne at Patrik Rzepski Spring 2009 New York

The Spring 2009 shows finally kicked off at New York Fashion Week… check out Kelly Osbourne (with super hot male model boyfriend Luke Worrall — WHY DON'T I HAVE A MALE MODEL BOYFRIEND OF MY OWN??? THINK OF THE PR!!!!) at the Patrik Rzepski Spring/Summer 2009 show.

Kelly Osbourne with Luke Worrall at the Patrik Rzepski show

I want to know Kelly Osbourne's secret. How on EARTH did she manage to lose all that weight?
Good job Kelly, good job.


  1. noo, what happened to her titties? :/
    NEWAYZ, the dude looks like a sad little piggie from that angle, the photographer must be really short LOL!

  2. doctordoctor

    drugs my friend, just like kate moss… didn’t u see the weight gain after she quit?

  3. Nadir Tejani

    She was not that thin only 6 months ago. She’s getting better and better. You can hardly believe this is Kelly Osbourne.

  4. Yo-yo, fat one day, thin the other, she’s boulemic definitely. How many time we heard she lost weight and right after that she gains, bitch please , ya cant fool me.

  5. She’s still got a BUTTTTERZ face though! Can’t help but feel Luke is with her to further his career and get more publicity. And what happened to his Agyness-esque peroxide crop which he was rocking for House of Holland men’s? I guess it looks better natural actually.

  6. from what I have read on some gossip blogs is that she has a thyroid problem that she refused to be treated because she might gain back the weight.

  7. Pls what fat…that looks like muscle. not to mention boulemic women dont tend to have good muscle tone. think she looks great and am very happy for her

  8. nadiyaaaaaaaaaaaah

    some of you are just twats!
    asif liposuction! hows about she probably got a trainer or something!!
    god i hate when people spout bollocks

  9. um fyi, she was on a show called dancing with the stars… all the contestants lost a lot of weight because they danced so much.

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