Jet Magazine Hong Kong – 6th Anniversary Issue

Written By bryanboy

Jet Magazine Hong Kong

I made a little cameo appearance on this month’s Jet Magazine (Hong Kong).

Jet Magazine Hong Kong

They interviewed four of their favourite bloggers, me, Jamie of Just Jr, Garancedore and Tommy of Jak and Jil. Click click click for an English translation of my answers.

Jet Magazine Hong Kong Cover - Louis Vuitton
1) Can you list 3 of your personal favourite woman’s prêt-a-porter AH08 collections in order?

#1 – Lanvin
#2 – Givenchy
#3 – Marc Jacobs

2) Can you list 3 of your personal favourite man’s prêt-a-porter AH08 collections in order?

#1 – Burberry Prorsum
#2 – Lanvin
#3 – John Galliano

3) Did you get a fashion moment this season? How and where did it happen?

It depends how you define a ‘fashion’ moment. I’ve always considered myself as an outsider peeking into the world of fashion so for me, my interactions with people IN fashion — designers, models, photographers, stylists, journalists etc — are already ‘fashion’ moments by itself.. Being online and having a website simply made these moments easier and more frequent. The internet is a magical place for fashion fans such as myself. Perhaps the biggest and most surprising fashion moment I had this season is when Marc Jacobs named a gorgeous bag after me. It truly is such an honor and it’s a moment in my life that I’ll cherish forever.

4) Who do you consider as a promising upcoming designer?

Definitely Gareth Pugh. He’s so talented! Although I’m very much willing to wear his own ready-to-wear collections as it is, I’m very interested — and curious — how he would be like if he were to go commercial by designing for a major fashion house… clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, the works!

Jet Style Magazine Hong Kong
5) Can you list 5 items that you want to get this winter? They could be anything, fashion or other things…

a) The gorgeous Marc Jacobs BB bag in ALL colours! It’s not every day that one of the world’s most influential fashion designers names a bag after a commoner like me. I’d like to cherish the memory forever!
b) Lanvin men’s high top sneakers [here]
c) A great leather jacket by Rick Owens [here]
d) Lanvin women’s t-shirts [here]
e) Givenchy jacket [here]
(All items are available of course at one of my favourite stores of course, Luisa Via Roma!)

Thank you very much Dominic. Happy 6th anniversary to Jet magazine and big hugs from the Philippines!


  1. congrats to that BB!
    i love the high top kicks.. but its 815 freaking dollars… -_-

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