1. hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. She didn’t let herself go you know? It’s so much better than being stick thin.

  2. Damn BB, I think she looks fiiiiine!
    See the gorgeous definition in those legs? I bet she swings down the runway like a bell with that tiny waist and those amazing legs.
    Why am I not seeing what you see here?

  3. Yikes! I’m all for healthy-looking bodies but this is wrong. It isn’t proportional. And she’s a model, for heaven’s sake! She should work out! If she had been toned, her thighs may look big, but they’d be firm, not flabby.

  4. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….
    the love has gone jessica!
    and hello tyra…uggh!
    hope the swelling goes away soon!lol

  5. i think she’s always had these thighs…if you check her 2004 pictures the Y-3 show. she was in a bathing suit.

  6. Miss Stam packed on some muscles, her legs might not be so slender but they have nice definition. Being an athlete I think her legs are gorgeous, she is fit but not overly so.

  7. I see nothing wrong with her thighs. I call them the “athlete’s thighs”. I don’t think they are flabby.

  8. Are you guys blind? Thats muscle, fat/flab does not look like that, probally assuming its fat/flab because you all have probally never seen muscles before..

  9. oh bryan stop being so bitchy.
    that bathing suit is very high cut and the angle the photo was taken from was under, making her top look smaller and unproportional to her bottom [which is close up]. but in reality it’s not
    your cattiness is unattractive bb. don’t be hatin any more! not everyone can be as ano as you. i’m disappointed :(

  10. what are you talking about? if you think she has let herself go you need to get your head examined! she is a woman and that’s how a woman’s thighs look. god forbid there is a rounded surface on a model, GASP!!! this kind of delusional thinking makes me sick and represents the kind of poisoning message that women get bombarded with every day.

  11. OH MY GOD?
    she’s a girl man?
    i don’t care about the fact that she has hips and don’t look like a boy. it just make her even more beautiful!
    her thighs are great

  12. i believe this is edited
    first ’twas gemma next its jessica
    who’s next? and for what?

  13. oh would you grow up?! i agree with tori; STAM IS HOT. the only thing missing is some titties.
    damn boy, i really liked your blog. you were all fun and pretty but this is just pathetic. damn.

  14. What’s wrong with Stam? She looks fit and healthy. Stunning! I’m tired of very skinny girls with no curves. That’s not sexy.

  15. Jessica Stam has never had thin thighs like Chanel Iman or Vlada Roslyakova. I love her just the way she is.

  16. skinnymeaniebitchykitty

    Geez BB is not bitchin! We can all see that the girl has amazonic hips and thighs! Soooo Un-Hot! Yucccck!

  17. come on bryan.
    she looks fit as hell.
    dude, it’s soooo much more awesome not fucking obsessing over every dollop of sour cream or the occasional calamari.
    being thin is great but if it’s unnatural, it’s unhealthy period… it is a body type. and if you are restricting yourself to get to a body type that is different from the one you were born with, you are basically saying to the world that you are trying really, really hard to be someone you are not. and that’s really unattractive in general.
    also, um im a size 4 instead of a zero, and that’s with eating whatever the fuck i want and working out a few days a week.
    i think you need to seriously reevaluate your thought patterns regarding food. you are so tiny. furthermore, when you act like you know you look good, people believe it, regardless of how you actually look. i know it sounds cheesy, but that attitude is not something you can buy or wear or accessorize to give the illusion of, it’s something you have to develop on your own
    baboosh, yourself, mister.

  18. Most of these comments are stupid, she’s a model, she has a look to adhere to. No one is forcing her to do it and if she’s struggling with her weight then she should quit. I mean, modeling is mainly about image and these girls get paid to look a certain way. Why should Stam be exempt? Her legs look BAD not to mention her meth face

  19. Aw, Bryan! If anything she could do with putting some weight ON! She’s too sinewy, what the hell happened to those plush female bodies?! At Madonna’s age you HAVE to work out to keep everything propped up, so to speak, but this girl is how old? Call me old fashioned, but some good, carb loaded stodge followed by a tanning booth would do this girl good.

  20. My first thought even before i saw BrianBoy’s comment was wow she looks super sexy! I think the problem with the way women look in fashion is that often times fashion is directed by gay men and they are simply not attracted to women. What has scientifically been proven is that men are attracted to the s curve- what you would see in the profile of a sexy women. Basically there is a hip thigh waist ratio that makes a woman a better child bearer that men are naturally attracted to. Jessica basically has the hourglass figure without being top heavy. Most models are not considered attractive by the average man, but I bet that they would instantly pick Jessica over the other girls because she looks fertile and is SUPER SEXXY!

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