JeanPaul & Sonny Groo of L'Officiel Holland

Written By bryanboy

JeanPaul & Sonny Groo of L'Officiel Holland

as seen at Gareth Pugh in Paris yesterday. Check these queens out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them both!!!!


  1. that’s so me! I’m actually planning to wear high heels on the street anytime soon, too ;-)

  2. wow!
    and yes, have you seen the boy with your pierre hardy shoes! he’s 15 and wears gareth pugh, why oh why!

  3. Craig from New Zealand

    He’s like a male reincarnation of Grace Jones – except that that diva ain’t dead yet!

  4. OH MY GAS! These two queens are more royal than all of Europe’s royal families combined. The one is more Fendi than Karl’s Fendi and the other is more Rick Owens than Rick Owens. That wide belt look is not for me (because my waistine is wider still) but it looks great on him.

  5. I think they both look pretty damn ridiculous actually, But, what the fuck do I know?;)

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