How does this make you feel? Chace Crawford Kissing Taylor Momsen

Written By bryanboy

How does this make you feel?

This, my dear readers, is very alarming.



  1. Eunice (No, not Bryan's maid, not that Eunice though i'll gladly be so i can play with his Chanels)

    Is this for real or is it a promo pic?!!!!! Damnitttt… Nate, WHY?

  2. Lloyd's of London

    WTF?! That bitch be stealin’ my man!! Ughh! Go fug yourself Taylor!!

  3. that’s plain disgusting. taylor is annoying and chace is becoming a prostitute.

  4. thanks for spoiling it for us. some of us actually try to avoid news like that. other than that youre awesome BB!

  5. actually that was a hugeee plotline for the books, the two of them dating. altho in the books he smoked a lot of weed and dated her for her huge boobs. so that was a little different. but nice to know theyre kind of following the books again.

  6. I think maybe they’re playing with the original story from the books. In the novel, Jenny and Nate is an item starting from the second one of the series.

  7. Uhhh…people, it’s a pic taken from a shoot of Gossip Girl. It’s not actually Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen kissing. Do you honestly think they would do that out in public anyway? Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are actually dating and we don’t even have one pic of them kissing in public.

  8. What’s this with all the pedo suggestions??? Taylor is 15!!! it’s not like she’s 8 or something!!! My God, I swear, literally EVERYTHING is pedofilia to you people!! I bet, if a 21 year old actress would kiss a 22 year old actress, while playing roles pretending they’re 14 and 15 years old, you would STILL scream pedofilia!!! Is that ALL you ever think about?!?!
    So, what a 15 year old girl kissing a 20 year old man is pedofilia, but in Virginia and other southern states 15 year old GIRLS can MARRY (this means S-E-X, folks) a FIFTY year old man, no problem! And none of you complain about THAT?! As long as her parents conspire with this old dirty b…rd, it’s all okay???

  9. nate’s just becoming a male prostitute hes been with every girl who’s on gossip girl im surprise he;s not with serena’s mom yet.

  10. I am Taylors age and I find this completely inappropriate. I just watched this episode and her character danced in her bra and started making out with Chace who is 23. Yes he is hot, and it makes for a good story line, but if they were just two normal people not on TV this would not be acceptable. It is illegal for them to be together so they should not be together on screen. I think Taylors parents are letting her do too much too young.

  11. MsSourcherry

    Just watched the episode
    I think they make a cute couple!
    And honestly everyone this is ACTING. GET OVER IT!

  12. GOD, people, to clear this up,
    a) on the show, Chace/Nate is 17, and Taylor/Jenny is 15
    b) it is ONLY ILLEGAL if 23-year-old Chace had sex with Taylor. There are no laws about forbidding them to be together, or they’ll just wait until she’s 18.
    I DO agree that Taylor isn’t even supposed to be dancing in her underwear that episode (because of age/influence reasons, even though little girls aren’t even supposed to watch the show), but goes to show that they taught the “consequences” after she danced in her underwear.

  13. goodwolf

    I don’t get it….its a tv show..not real life….at 15, I’m sure she has been involved in some real kissing and remember, it’s acting, so what’s the big deal? At 23 and 15, it’s not likely either would want a real relationship between them, but kissing for a scene in the show? what…you people overreact to everything!! besides, it accomplished what the producers wanted…got people talking…and nobody saw it coming…

  14. Oh, jeeze, people… Relax! It’s a freaking television show?? Why is everyone freaking out so much about this? I was quite frankly really happy about it. IT HAPPENS IN THE BOOKS, SO IT MAKES SENSE FOR IT TO HAPPEN ON THE SHOW!!! READ THE BOOKS!!! THEN STOP COMPLAINING!!! Go Nate & Jenny! :D

  15. Ashton:)

    i think they are soo cute together and go jenny!
    nate is soo sexy!
    im so happy that they are togther:D

  16. i think it is actuall cute who cares it is what happens wen u become and actor so just get over the age shes hot so he shouldnt be upset and he is so fine so she should be cool without

  17. omg!!! r u kidding me?? Chace can totally do better!!!! Seriously, taylor is not pretty enough for him!! Plus, she’s freakin 15 yrs old & he’s 23!!! AAAAAAAAaaaaa

  18. Solo singer

    wow. people grow up.
    they are ON TV!
    Im 17 and my boyfriend is 24, get a grip, thats life!

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