Gren from M4 Models

Written By bryanboy

Gren from M4 Models

Electrifying! I almost peed my trousers when I saw this on my feed. His name is Gren and he's with M4 models. I had to blog about him because he's soo gorgeous!!!!

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Now *THAT* is the sort of guy everyone should take home to their mothers, no? So tell me, how does Gren make you feel? Kerry Degman is dat chu?


  1. I love his full pouty lips. He’d look great with long flowing hair. MMMmmm.

  2. BB he a cutie but you have better kissable lips. but you would let him hit you LOL. kisses from the land down under but sometimes on top….

  3. he’s really cute!!! wow
    but i really like his glasses too…any idea where i can get them?

  4. snootchieboochie

    he reminds me of uma thurman somehow…it must be in the jawline or something and his lips are UNREAL!!lovely lovely.

  5. Go, Estonia, Go! Lovely to see estonians in your blog:) Maybe you should pay a visit?

  6. I hope he’s not a minor because he’s going to be in my dreams tonight.
    SIDE NOTE: I love his Hubert de Givenchy style frames. Very cool.

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