Distill Magazine: The Best of International Fashion & Style Press

Written By bryanboy

Distill Magazine: The Best of International Fashion & Style Press

A great NEW magazine was launched in London earlier this morning (or should I say YESTERDAY morning because it's 1:01AM now in the third world). Meet Distill Magazine: The Best of International Fashion & Style Press.

Distill Magazine Cover

How ferosh is that? Click click click!

New magazines are being launched around the world on a regular basis but this new title from Craft Publishing (London) really caught my eye. Spearheaded by Christopher Lockwood and Colin McDowell, Distill acts as a superb bi-monthly digest, promoting creativity of the magazine industry (and fashion press in general). Think of it as one great magazine featuring the best of the best from the world's finest fashion magazines and websites.

As a fashion fanatic, I'm always obsessed about
what's being put out there by some of the world's tastemakers:
designers, editors, photographers, stylists, etc. Distill brings them all (with top-notch commentary) in one publication.

The lovely folks at Distill graciously invited me to their launch but I'm stuck here in the third world. Can you imagine meeting Giles Deacon? OMG!!!

Oh well… here are a several photos from their event.

Colin McDowell, Giles Deacon (OMG I love Giles!!!!!!) and Christopher Lockwood

The fabulous Leah Wood.

Portia Freeman and Tahirah Conliffe

*Photo credit: Craft Publishing

Amazing eh? This is ground-breaking IMO. Distill is definitely going to be a great resource for everyone.

Distill Magazine out this month in major newstands in key fashyonnnnn cities around the world.

Be sure to buy it because I was mentioned there! *wink*

I, thank you. LOL.


  1. This won’t last long, I think over 70% of never make it past their first year and it’s just not that great an idea. Sure it’s original and kinda fun, but it won’t be worth the inevitable £4.50 – not when there’s a credit crunch on! Buying a magazine about magazines is the sort of folly people can afford in good times.

  2. Thanks Bryanboy for the tip-off. I’ve got the first issue and it’s FAB. I get so many of those mags and Distill really has got some of the best shoots and stuff from LOADS more mags I’ve never heard of. I’ve just subscribed on http://www.distilldigital.com. Check out that Fairyland shoot

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