Department of AGEING

Written By bryanboy

Department of AGEING

I found this little flyer on my seat when I woke up mid-flight. Yes, I spent the entire time sleeping in the plane.

PS. And please, for the life of god, no, it's not Paris. Unless any one of you will buy me business class tickets (oh what the hell, FIRST CLASS by EMIRATES) to Paris, I suggest that YOU hold that thought for now.


  1. china and russia?? btw, chain smoking has always helped me feel better when i’m sick..maybe i’m crazy but i think the nicotine kills the bugs!

  2. No fair! I would ask you to go to Kuala Lumpur but I’m not in Malaysia right now!
    Oh well, I’m guessing.. Tokyo perhaps?

  3. What’s funny is that my mother got extremely sick in Australia with a rare disease caused by Australian kangaroos and bats. go figure.

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