1. bryen,
    I don’t know if this has been said before but I hope someday the pictures on your blog can be clicked to view larger images.

  2. Hey Bryan Boy I love your look I have become slowly obsessed with your site…Especially loving your pic of the guy from Scotland! I’m from Scotland myself proud to reprezent!!!!!
    Love your style you look so much better than I ever do in clothes. I try but im still a little slow when it comes to style you either got it or you dont…
    Linked to you through Gala Darling isnt she incredible?

  3. hey BRB, i noticed in the photo with shades, you have similarities with Ai-Ai, the famous Pinay comedian (only in that photo lang naman ha!)
    i do not mean the jaw ha, kasi you have naman a jaw cuter than her!
    well this is just my observation, no malice intended! im a fan of yours and your blog always amaze me including my gayfriends! VUNGGAH KA DAY!

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