Backstage Showdown

Written By bryanboy

Backstage Showdown

It's the battle of the backstage photogs at NY Fashion Week Spring 2009! Take your pick.

V Magazine's JD Ferguson taking a shot of Sonny?


  1. frockwriter

    As far as I have seen there are no windows in the Lexington Armory, where Jacobs stages his shows. It’s a vast, copper-clad structure designed to store and protect…..arms.
    I don’t know where the hair & makeup is done for the shows. But I’m finding it kinda hard to believe either of those shots was taken at MJ.

  2. The shots sonny and i did of each other are not marc jacobs. The shot BB posted of sonny and the hot editor from Numero Japan is at the armory.
    These shots are Ohne Titel at Bumble and Bumble.

  3. Hey. You can’t do a spitroast with my bf! Not without me watching at least. Bit sad that Team Sonny is lagging so far behind in the vote, though.

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