Apple Daily Newspaper Hong Kong

Written By bryanboy

Apple Daily – September 3, 2008

Apple Daily is one of the biggest newspapers in Hong Kong. If it's not too late, get yourselves a copy cause I'm there. Otherwise, click here to read the article online.

Apple Daily Newspaper Hong Kong


Bryanboy at Apple Daily Newspaper Hong Kong

Thanks guys!


  1. BB,
    You know I love you. But I really dont get the pants!!! You look like a midget. :(
    I know it’s uso but. I dunno. It.just.looks.weird.
    I still love you and congratulations on your HK spreads!

  2. the strange thing is, you look kinda innocent and laid back in all your pics. :)
    from the neck up, that is. LOLz.

  3. the jacket is so cute and BB you are looking great with the BBB! juz finished the article but it’s a bit short! welcome to HK, BB!

  4. tommy Albert

    You need to take more of these types of shots! This is more you than those pictures behind some banks or some empty parking lots. Jason Wu should hire you as a model!

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