Would you pay US$1,120 for a 16GB iPhone 3G?


16gb iphone 3g

Have you seen the Philippine Daily Inquirer article? Globe Telecom is about to launch the new iPhone 3G here in the cesspit of the third world. If you are a pre-paid subscriber, the 8GB unit is priced at P41,899 (US$960) or P48,899 (US$1,120) for the 16GB model. The price of the phone drops (depending on your plan) if you're subscribing to a postpaid account.

Whatever happened to Steve Jobs' plan in making the iPhone more accessible to everyone? I've gone through god knows how many phones over the years and all but one had a happy ending. Surprisingly, the only working phone that I'm still using to this date is my trusty (and crusty) old nokia which I've had for what… 4 years? I don't know anymore.

Back to the new iPhone… I think I'd rather get a liposuction thanks very much.