WHO DAT??????

Written By bryanboy

WHO DAT??????

I NEED to know who this person is. Take note of the upper part of his/her/it body.

God I love the Japanese. S/he/it better be Japanese!!! Click click click.

Now take note of the entire shot.


Now… who dat? Is that Yu Masui? Because if that’s Yu Masui my blogging career is pretty much over and it’s time to hand him the baton. I love Yu Masui!

Thank you.


  1. CJ Cruz

    Okay okay Fierce…but putting Yu,S/he,You Within the bunch BB is the most Fierce! you need to have like a VOGUE cover- Pronto! XOXO:)

  2. With THAT much fierceness, this is a “they”. “They” have some balls, wearing a skirt with those knees. THEY IZ AWESOME!

  3. now i dont feel too bad for confusing my asians as well….anyways fierce tranny! u betta wurk.

  4. I love how from the shoulders up it looks like a man and if you scroll to hide his face it looks like a woman.
    Completely off topic, but I’ve been thinking – with all the success you’ve been getting, BB, the natural next step for you is clearly appearing in fashion advertising à la Scott Schuman : click here

  5. wow i love that shirt, THAT is what you call fierce! ohmygod BB check out the hot model i got cast for the Western Australia Fashion Design Awards… i put some of her portfolio pics on my blog, she’s so hot. she has walked for Louis Vuitton before! http://www.karacraig.blogspot.com. what chuuu think?
    love kara xoxo

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