Viktor & Rolf NO T-Shirt | Leighton Meester Marie Claire September 2008

Written By bryanboy

Viktor & Rolf NO T-Shirt

I'm "planning" (I used the term planning which, in my case, means "fantasizing" because everything these days is sooo bloody $$$) my fall 2008 shopping list and I really wanna get Viktor & Rolf's "NO" t-shirt. I think it's a great top with such a powerful statement.

Natasha Poly wearing Viktor & Rolf

I was about to make some phone calls to see when and where it's going to be available…
(click click click!)

 and then I saw the price tag. Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl wore it on the September 2008 issue of Marie Claire magazine…

Leighton Meester aka Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf in Marie Claire Magazine September 2008 issue



(BTW, is it my eyes or what.. the Thakoon skirt is US$7,500???????????)


Coco Rocha at Viktor & Rolf Fall/Winter 2008 fashion show wearing

Just say NO indeed.


  1. omfg r u serious??!?!? ugh i know it’s soooooo fucking much but ugh i can’t get over it. plus 7500 for a thakoon skirt? thats fucking ridiculous. btw BB do you happen to know what stores are going to carry the viktor and rolf top?

  2. Giorgio

    it is seriously overpriced and you can make it yourself if you have the patience – just buy an american apparel plain gray shirt and stich lots of sequins on it :))) that’s what we fashion students would do to save money :P
    and the skirt is viktor&rolf, as well honey, you can see it if you put your contacts on :P the boots are from thakoon and cost $328 if my night vision is still on :)

  3. giorgio,
    honey the boots are from the frye company
    it says it right there
    as for the skirt thats thakoon
    it says it all there :)

  4. Hm I think the skirt is V&R too. It’s the boots that are Thakoon.
    I never buy the actual things I see in mags. I fantasize and sometimes steal the style using my own wardrobe. But you know, when I’m rich, I’ll get a real Hermès bag – because if there’s any luxury worth having, it’s timeless luxury.

  5. Oh wait – I’m obviously blind. You’re right. Thakoon it is.
    Should really not trust my eyes on fine scaled-down pixellated punctuation :/

  6. Nadir Tejani

    That’s ridiculously overpriced. The manufacturing costs for that piece have to be way less than $100. Hell, even less than 50 american dollars!

  7. Are y’all blind? It clearly says: top – Viktor & Rolf, skirt – Thakoon, boots – The Frye Company.. and then have the nerve to tell others to put ‘their contacts in’..

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