VIDEOS – 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

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VIDEOS – 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

View from Tianamen Square

Tens of thousands of joyous citizens crowded around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on Friday, the symbolic heart of China, as the Olympic spirit swept across the nation as the Games began.

Amazing Fireworks Display

The Olympic Games 2008 kick off with China putting on a dazzling opening ceremony, complete with fireworks all over Beijing.

Video by Wall Street Journal

As an important moment in China’s history approaches, WSJ’s Loretta Chao explores what is happening around Beijing during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.

Video from Reuters

Fireworks and weather worries around the Olympics in the first day of athletics. Warnings that smog would hinder performance have persisted despite an $18 billion campaign to clean the air around the city by shutting down smokestack industry and forcing cars off the roads. The Olympic flame, lit at a spectacular ceremony on Friday, was burning in hazy, heavy skies on Saturday.

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