Valentino Garavani. Una grande storia italiana. by Taschen Books

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Taschen Books: Valentino Garavani

Priced at a little under P190,000 (about US$4,200), Valentino Garavani: Una Grande Storia Italiana by Taschen Books is the most expensive book I have EVER seen in my entire life. Suzy Menkes and Matt Tyrnauer authored the book while Armando Chitolina edited it.

Valentino Garavani by Taschen Books

Click click click!

I had the honor of witnessing the "unboxing" of this historical and iconic coffee table book when it arrived at Theodore's the store earlier this week. I was there when store staff opened the package for the first time.

I swear, you should've seen the delivery box it came in. It was massive!

The Art Edition, limited to (the first) 100 numbered copies, were signed by the grand couturier himself, Valentino Garavani. It comes with four prints of his original drawings from the 50s and 60s. The regular edition, copies #101-2,100 are sold at a lower price.

My friend Rajo Laurel (who is one of the Philippines' respected fashion designers) owns book #11. Wow!!

Photo: Taschen

What you are seeing now is Book # 93. According to Michelle Co of Theodore's, only two of these books are for sale in Asia — one here in Manila and another one in Tokyo.

The book weighs 10 tons — I'm not kidding. It really is enormous!

The cover reminds me of Valentino's final ready-to-wear collection runway.

Olga Sherer you better WERQ! Check out the floor.


I wanted to open the book and take a few pictures of what's inside but I was scared of touching it with my grubby, sweaty hands!! It features countless photographs and precious commentary about the designer's excellent work over the years. Here are a few shots from Taschen's website.

Valentino for V Magazine is dat chu?

The Art Edition of Valentino Garavani is available at Theodore's otherwise, you may now get the regular edition at for US$900

Now if only I had the money… haha!

That's all!


  1. sooo not worth it!
    have you seen the 60 Years of Dior book? It looks bigger than that, with fabulous contents from Mr Dior days to Galliano, and only costs £80 (around $160?)

  2. rajo Laurel

    I actually have book 11! Its my treasure! It’s probably the most expensive book I will ever buy!

  3. 190,000 for a BOOK?? hello! i think it only costed them 3000 php to print that book. *gasps* i pity those who bought that book, they surely are blind at the harsh realities of life. kasalanan na yun noh! hahaha! but of course sinasabi ko lang toh kasi wala ako pambili nyan! if meron siguro, bibili ako, hahaha!

  4. russel coronel torres uy

    that SA is so cutie…..i went to theodore a few weeks ago and keep on starring him……hes so really cutie……simple guy :-)……im sure hes a lot cheaper than the book…..hahahahaha!!! joke lang :-)

  5. Rajo Laurel? One of the respected fashion designers in the Philippines??? Respected by who??? He has the habit of making women he dresses ridiculous!!! Lea Salonga in her Songs from home concert: she looked like a priest in her Japanese-inspired dress! Please, Rajo still has a lot to learn. Fashion is not only about making unique creations. It’s about dressing people in uniquely beautiful ways, not uniquely hideous ways!

  6. Jacky… what’s with the haterade? Whether you like it or not, Rajo has a following and he worked hard to get wherever he is.

  7. yeahyeah

    I think the Helmut Newton Taschen book was $10,000+ and came with its own Philippe Starck designed stand to hold it up on.

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