Marc Jacobs Emergency – True Marc Jacobs Dedication

Written By bryanboy

True Fashion Dedication

I visited the Marc Jacobs mainline store the other day to pick (as in BORROW ala Tinsley Mortimer) clothes to wear for the show. They arrived in my hotel room 30 minutes before call time packed neatly in a big white bag.

Just for fun, click click click for a wee bit of fashion drama! Be sure to read it. It's hilarious! I swear to god, I am SO gonna be nice to celebrities now because of this 'experience'. Haha!

Let's unpack the garment bag, shall we?

Marc Jacobs Garment Bag

I chose a chic cashmere sweater (OH SO SOFT!!!!) as my main top and a gray piece as back-up.

I really love this sweater. it comes in another colour too… like a pale, pastel salmon. Soo gorgeous! Marc always makes great cashmere sweaters, I swear.

Don't you just love it when you see the terms "XS" or "Size ZERO" on the tags of your clothes?

As for bottoms, I chose a pair of loose, slouchy trousers.


I should have gone for a size ZERO because size 2 were a bit too big for me. Well, perhaps next time…

Now all I need is that headband and bam, fall/winter 2008 Marc Jacobs is dat chu?

Unfortunately, they don't have them… but it's ok.

Now.. since I'm no six-foot, long-legged glamazon AND I'm
wearing flats, I asked one of the helpful staff to temporarily fix the
hems. It's such a last-minute request because my original outfit was a
turquoise trench and a pair of shorts but the shorts were too big for
me. Good thing I popped by the store!

When I unpacked the garment bag in my room, I noticed the lining of the trouser's left leg were closed and sewn in together. I could get my leg in but I couldn't get my foot out!

I looked at the clock and I noticed ….OH MY GOD IT'S 8:02PM! I had to be downstairs at 8:30PM… which means… 28 minutes to pull this off!

All alone in my room and I didn't want to ask anyone for help. The show starts soon and everyone is busy doing their own thing. It would've been much faster if I do repair the trouser myself.

I remained calm. I tried not to panic. I kept telling myself "I could do this, I could do this."


I called housekeeping and asked for a sewing kit.

While waiting, I grabbed a pair of scissors (it's a GOOD thing I brought scissors with me… am I ever the girl scout?).

I removed the stitches, slowly and surely, to make sure I don't damage the fabric. 

When the sewing kit came, I started sewing.

I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing (I've never been to fashion school or what have you). All I knew is that it was important for me to get a thread, put it inside the needle and try to
fix my trousers. That was the only thing I have in mind at that moment and nothing else.

I was petrified of looking at the clock so I kept sewing and sewing.

Next thing you know… I was done.


Look at the clock…

If you think you'd be reaching out for your xanax with that moment, wait till you walk in front of the red carpet with a TON of photographers taking your photos while you sweat in a room packed with people in your cashmere. When they announced my name to the photographers, I wanted the ground to open up, swallow me alive and get over it. I was soooo nervous!!!

Oh dear. And oh how I wish I had that headband.

Photo credit: Imaginex

But hey… a gurl's gotta do what she's gotta do so there.

I swear I'm gonna be SO much nicer to celebrities now. How they manage to look PERFECT must be a mind-blowing task.

Whatevs Mischa!

It all happened very fast but I had so much fun.

Thank YOU guys for the once in a lifetime experience.

After the show, I went back to my room to remove the stitching I did. I was so scared of damaging the trousers and I wanted to do it right.


The clothes I borrowed are now back in their hands and I'm happy to report to you that Cinderella finally went back to her little world, away from the glitz and glamour.


  1. Poquercia

    Punyeta! ang galing galing mo talaga bakla.
    anong sinabi ni Boy Abunda sa yo?

  2. Good thing you fixed the hem. Totally made the difference. Congratulations. You really pulled it off. And you look better than Mischa.

  3. I’m so jealous of your life! Great job on the trousers by the way, and people are right you do look better than Mischa!!

  4. I definitely would’ve panicked in your place. And then I would’ve made crazy decisions, like “A stapler will do just as well as a sewing kit!”
    You look totally pulled-together in the photo. I never would have guessed you’d been stressed out moments before!

  5. hayyyy!!! i’ve always wanted to be involved in the fashion world. you’re so lucky you’re doing what you love. i’m in the medical field. mag-quit na lang kaya ako at maging assistant mo, puede?

  6. LOOOOOL. hahaha! are you studying for college? or are you finished already? if not, you should consider fashion designing, and finally learn how to sew and make your own beatiful clothes. :))

  7. BB, you will be even 200% cuter with 25 more lbs. on your body…yes, girlfriend, you better enjoy more burgers and fries! Cute as hell!


    I’m a big fan of yours. I’m from the Philippines by the way.You are the greatest. Only you could have pulled that off. I hope when I grow up my life will be as glam as yours. kisses MwahMwah ^_^

  9. pizzicatoj

    Reading your blog is quite fun already but this entry is hilarious. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Can I just say that you make Mischa look like a hot disgusting mess, and not bad on the hem, this coming from a fashion school dropout.
    BryanBoy you are fierce!

  11. hi Bryan
    how much is the ruffle tops and the cardigan,i feel like calling the boutique there and ordered it today….

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