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It’s been a kerrr-a-zzzy week so far. I’ve been out of the house every day. A gurl like me has to werk it like the mortgage is due tomorrow. So many meetings, so many appointments, so many things to do. The weather is a bitch though. I missed a business meeting earlier today because of the rains so I rescheduled it for tomorrow. I think it’s a sign I need to slow down. To be quite honest, I feel exhausted already. I miss those days where all I do is pig out on carbs in front of the computer for 16 hours straight. Ah well…

Bryanboy Theodore's

Oh look at that non-entity pretending to be a celeb. LOL.

Yesterday night was fun. I braved the rain and went to Theodore’s for a little store event they had. Click click click!

Theodore’s is a cool, unpretentious shop which stocks labels such as Rag & Bone, Clu, Surface2Air, Common Projects, Opening Ceremony, Botkier, Miss Sixty, Energie, Kid Robot and more. The owners are very friendly and chica as well. I love these guys. I really do.

Theodore's Manila, Bonifacio High Street

It’s always nice to go to events with very friendly people and familiar faces. I really liked the vibe. It wasn’t “chi-chi” snobbery snob at all… which was good.

Sea of friends’ shoes: Daphne, Me, Mich, Melissa, Cecile and Jeroen.

Theodore's Shoes
Photo via Chuvaness

Check out the crowd.

Theodore's Manila

Melissa La O, the lovely lady who designed Theodore’s the store, took a picture of me taking a picture of her.


Or perhaps it was the installation and not me or my ego? Tsk tsk tsk.

Theodore's The Store Manila

I think I need to get another haircut.

Another Melissa was there. This time it’s Melissa Dizon, designer of Eairth.

BTW Mike D. from NYC if you are reading this, Melissa says hi!

Inside the goodie bags were various look books from the brands they carry, assorted promotional material and a VIP privilege card.

I also got a Miss Sixty cigarette case and a bracelet from Danish brand F By Friis.

My personal highlight of the night was the raffle where I won 10,000 Ninoy Aquino bucks (not Donald Duck dollars, mind you) in gift certificates. I was shocked because this is the first time I actually won something in this town. LOL. Now if only I could win the lottery, that would be sweet because I have lots of bills to pay. Haha!

Theodore's Gift Certificates

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Drop by Theodore’s when you can and check them out. They’re right beside the nightclub Ascend. 

Theodore’s The Store
G/F Quadrant 4, Bonifacio High Street
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Philippines
Phone: 63 2 856-3571, 63-2 856-1635


  1. ahhhh !! kool !!
    they opened last nov ( i think) .i was their on the first opening.. my ex worked there !! :)
    i am not sure if the employees are still the same but i know some of them through my ex !! :) nice to see that the store is still in great condition !! :)

  2. Love the outfit very cute, very cute.
    you make all us stylish pinoys/pinays proud!
    help a poor fashionista out? :)

  3. Just bumped into Mel last week when buying take out. She has a fantastic dog. I’ve known the girl for years. We tried doing an architetural restoration/replica project downtown together back in the late 90s. Sadly that project went pffft. So glad to see her using her skills on such a cool project. cant wait to see what she comes up with next.

  4. bryan, did you go to embassy last july 30 at around 11pm? coz me and my friend went there and she said she might have seen you. if i or we see you is it okay if we’d approach you and ask for a picture to be taken coz we so love you.

  5. “bryan, did you go to embassy last july 30 at around 11pm? coz me and my friend went there and she said she might have seen you. if i or we see you is it okay if we’d approach you and ask for a picture to be taken coz we so love you.
    Posted by: planet | August 01, 2008 at 04:35” PM

    i wasn’t sure if BB was there at embassy that night because i was there and all i saw were these bunch of gay guys who i thought were cheap imitations of BB. and i thought, “heck! if only the real BB was here!” then we headed off to fiamma and lo and behold BB himself was there! and he was kind enough to share a picture with me! thanks BB, will email you the photo soon.

  6. congratulations on winning the gift vouchers haha! your outfit is so damn fierce, and you really know how to werkkkkk-itt! Love Kara x

  7. hey, a friend told me about this site earlier today because this morning we were shopping at our very filipino “divisoria” and i spent three hours looking for a really cool camous grip bag like this one from puma ( and a pair of metallic-ish shoes like the ones you are wearing in this picture, but odds are, i was not able to find one. :)
    anyway, i love you posh blogsite.. i love blogging too.. i swear.
    i hope you can visit my site one time. it will be an honor..

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