The Question is Where?

Written By bryanboy

The Question is Where?

I think I finally learned how to pack light.

One bag for shoes, another for accessories and the heavy suitcase (which weighs more than what's inside) is filled with edible underwear and teddy bears.

Just kidding.


  1. Bon Voyage…so take a photo of your outfit to match your stylish luggages.

  2. jessica from canada

    it’s not a shock you travel in style. i would kill for those totes you have there.
    love you xo

  3. the question is where to put those extra stuff bryan? how about early Christmas toss here in Seoul… I would love to keep them with me…

  4. HK? the trip is too fast to be in NY! So its Hong-Kong? i know…my EQ is too low cant wait to know!

  5. Nadir Tejani

    What have I missed? Where are YOU going to? Are you going to NYFW? Shut up.

  6. Hey where did you buy those LV keepall(?) bags? I checked the website its not there! btw I hope you dont mind if I buy the pierre hardy shoes as well as im going to NY to watch Madonna! hehe

  7. Hey Bryanboy if you ever want to sell that white graffiti keepall let me know id love to buy it.

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