The Price of Gas in the Philippines

Written By bryanboy

The Price of Gas

I know this isn't a fashion-related post but man, I spent the entire afternoon with my accountant going through my finances and christ almighty, I have a stack of receipts from various petrol stations — the amount of money I've spent on gas the past few months is absolutely insane! In these crazy times, it's even more expensive to load up the tank than getting a decent MEAL itself in the city.

How much are gas prices where you are? I pay US$1.32 per liter or US$5.28 per gallon.

Gas Prices Philippines

I'm not exactly disconnected from the "real" world. I know what's going on… I just don't like talking about it.

I guess it sucks living in a city of what — 14 (or is it 15) million people where there's a lack of government-owned and operated public transportation system. That's right. Most, if not all, "public" transport here in Manila are privately operated by businesses or individuals. A price hike on gas means a a bigger dent on their daily budget which means less money to spend on important necessities. I could only imagine the horrors of what your average commuter face on a day-to-day basis, especially those who earn minimum wage, which is what?? P382 or US$8.60 PER DAY. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. US$8.60 PER DAY! And tons of people here in the third world get paid less than that! Don't even get me started.

Anyhoo. Isn't funny how I get **SO** much flak from people for referring to the Philippines as "third world? You try your very best to uplift the image of where you're from but reality bites sometimes.

Oh well.


  1. ha you think thats expensive, its about $2.20 a litre or $11.00 a gallon here in the UK (thats the cheapest you can get it). At its highest about a month ago it was around $2.40 a litre. Jeez, in one place during the fuel shortages it went up to $4.00 a litre!!
    We havent payed your prices for about 8 years. To go off topic and finish this rant, in the UK we pay about equivalent of $11.00 for a pack of Malboro Reds!!!!

  2. tommm: i thought a gallon is 4 liters no? correct me if i’m wrong.
    the thing about the UK though (London in particular) is that it has a GREAT public transport system, specifically the tube and the bus!!
    thank GOD for cheap cigarettes here. I pay less than a dollar for a pack of marlboro lights!!!

  3. US$4.19 around the west area in L.A
    I’m from Indonesia and I’m guessing that the price of gas there is higher too because well, it’s a third-world country too and public transportation equals getting mugged.

  4. Netherlands
    2.50 euro a litre.
    2.50 * 3.7 = 9.25 euro a gallon.
    (I don’t calculate in dollar because of the bad value of the dollar)
    and Malboro is about 4 euro.

  5. Netherlands
    2.50 euro a litre.
    2.50 * 3.7 = 9.25 euro a gallon.
    (I don’t calculate in dollar because of the bad value of the dollar)
    and Malboro is about 4 euro.

  6. to add some information :)
    UK has imperial gallon which is 4.5 litres a gallon, US has 3.78 litres a gallon.(most common)

  7. Actually its 1.604 euros per liter (Shell) here in the Netherlands. That would be $2.403 per liter in USD, equivalent to $8.89+ a gallon if you use the 3.7 multiplier. Studies have showed that NL holds the highest price for gasoline in the world, and I think followed by UK. Its mostly the taxes levied into the price of gas that bloats it which is about more than a euro per liter.
    In some self-service cheap tank stations, you can get lucky at 1.56+ euros per liter.
    Luckily I have gasoline allowance given by my company every month and the only trouble I have is the horrible traffic on the highways every morning.

  8. I think we have big gallons, your dealing in US gallons right?
    WHAT! Less than a $1!! Although I think Malboro Lights taste like cheap coffee, I would smoke away if they were that price. Reds or Dunhill Internationals, only the best for my lungs! Do you have Vogue cigarettes in the phillipines? They are so you
    Oh yeah, public transport in London is great but if your not in London then its dreadful

  9. Today I paid $3.53 a gallon here in the third world of the USA. I paid $4.25 for a box of Marlboro reds.

  10. Even the price of transportation is affected:
    Minimum fare
    Jeep: P8.50
    Bus: P11.50, I think (I forgot if this is for both aircon and non-aircon)
    Taxi: P40.00 (You will see it’s P30 on the meter, but if you check the windshield, there’s a sticker that says you have to pay P10 more.)
    That is why it’s crowded nowadays at the MRT because the fare there has not changed. God I miss the days when premium costs less than half of the current price, like you can go full tank with only P500.

  11. heartme

    third world right? i still don’t think we deserve the term DEVELOPING COUNTRY. the term is THIRD WORLD. THIRD WORLD say it with me while drinking your golden gas. *eugh*

  12. raidereno

    1.42 Canadian a litre here in Vancouver…5.25 an american gallon.
    Dear god, Bryan might have to take the loser cruiser/proletariat chariot to all his gigs!

  13. aside from the high pump price, we here in the third world still have to deal with traffic, poor road conditions ( diggings never seem to stop ) and pollution.

  14. It’s RM2.70 per litre here in Malaysia..which converts to around US$0.80…

  15. God i miss the Philippines.. but what you pay for gas is CRAZY!!!!
    it’s 3.99; 4.09 and 4.19 per gallon right now. a few months ago it was almost $5/gallon.. but now it’s lower.

  16. c0lleen

    bumaba na siya ulit least. 57 na yung unleaded and 55 yung for PUJs. sana magcontinue pa yung pagbaba.

  17. L'Originale

    About $3.60 here in DC. But so much less than what you pay in Manila, I was so surprised.
    As for the “third world” thing: development execs like to use the term “developing country.” It’s supposed to be more politically correct, the same way they don’t use “Oriental” anymore. But whatevs, right?

  18. well cheapest gallon in maryland/delaware from two weeks ago was $3.50
    cheapest per gallon gas price so far for longest time. average is $3.75 give or take, it depends on dollar value per oil barrel costs these days, it used to be $200 something it decreased to $130 that’s why gas is lower than usual.
    funny thing you mention gas, the gas tax are included like VAT therefore gas tax is priced 17 percent tax per gallon. that’s why its expensive. another hand gas companies really do make a hell of chunk in profits right out of gas consumers- intl people, like us.

  19. here in romania (europe) is 4.5 lei per litre which converts to around US$1.875…

  20. makati_singer

    Actually there are 3.8 liters in a US gallon. So as of today, price of gas is 55 pesos per liter (finally came down a bit here in Laguna anyway), which is P209 a gallon, or US$4.48 a gallon at today’s exchange rate. Not quite as astronomical as the $5.28 estimate, but still fuckin expensive as hell! Thank God I did not import my V8 guzzler to the Phils! As for paying UK prices – Damn! At least western Europe and UK have something like a real public transport system.

  21. Squeekqueen

    Jamie, Are you talking about Peso? Where are you at? I know, many counteis using peso,, Mexico and Phils used peso. You stated that P500.00 full tank of gas, that is cheap. I want live there? lol

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