Summer Heights High

Written By bryanboy

Summer Heights High

Dear Australian friends,

Promise me the next time I go down undah, will y’all hook me up with a guest appearance at Summer Heights High?

That’s all.


  1. Oh my gosh bryan!
    Congratulations, you’ve just discovered the most hilarious tv show ever made!
    The weird thing is, you’d never guess that chris lilley is one of the shyest people I have ever met. AND LOOK AT HIM!
    Sorry ranga!
    Much love

  2. HAHAHA the show is kinda over
    its already out on dvd
    but I guess your personality would fit in the new “Meet the locals” show

  3. LOL. Can’t believe you didnt find this sooner. You can get it on dvd. P and I LOVE this show. We think you’re a cross between Ja’mie and Mr G…hahahaha..

  4. BB this is the funniest show! ahhhh it would be so cool if you appeared on there. Someone shoul dhook you up with a gig…if only I had that power, you’d be on there like NOW! Season 2 should be fierce.
    Loved your outfit when you were on webcam, so cute, especially with your music playing / head dance movements haha. Love Kara xo

  5. hands down one of the best shows from this side of earth (and aussies have a really tepid sense of humor,98% of the shows made local are disposable)-Summer Heights High has ended its gracious run,but its made by the phenomenal Chris Lilley who made the short series “We could be Heroes”,also featuring uber bitch J’amie.
    and chelsea,i can’t bliv you got to meet time will come.

  6. Kate (Problematique)

    Have to say BB… Ja’Mie reminds me of talking to you on Vent :lol:

  7. Hi Bryan
    Summer Heights High is already finished. :) it’s out in DVD.. it spawned a single called “naughty girl” by Mr. G, one of the characters in the show. You should look it up in youtube. Anyway, the creator of the show is Chris Lilley who also plays the three characters. His earlier show was We are Australians: The search for Australian of the Year. You should look it up too. It’s hilarious :)

  8. turtlegirl

    Hey, BB,
    I go to school with the girl with the afro!
    Love your site

  9. hahaha. best show ever.
    “just cause im rich doesnt mean im a bitch.”

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