Sticky & Sweet Madonna for Givenchy

Written By bryanboy

Madonna for Givenchy

Sticky and sweet my ass, how does this make you feel?

Givenchy, Fall 2008 Madonna


Madonna, Givenchy Fall 2008

Well, what do you think?


  1. As much as I love Madonna I think that she needs to learn to dress her age. I don’t know about anyone else but thigh-high boots and varicose veins don’t look cute together.
    She can fight the cellulite for as long as she has the strength but her age ‘will’ catch up to her sooner or later.

  2. dhonjoman

    actually Carine Roitfeld wore this na! Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy forever!

  3. electric

    the old lady looks like she needs a nap and protein shake. or maybe to work out a little less.

  4. Nadir Tejani

    Riccardo is my favourite designer, but let’s be honest, his clothes are meant to be worn by fresh, new, young people. Madonna is fucking 50. She should really stick to Gaultier or Dolce or someone like that.

  5. “Sticky and sweet my ass” << this really made me laugh, hahaha!
    Anabela fo sho! iLove her tight pants too.

  6. in fairnessssss, love it! long live mama madge! look at the muscles and veins protruding…

  7. i like it on madonna. its just an unflattering shot. I thank Madonna everyday for extending the shelf life of my womanhood.

  8. It’s like comparing a model to a normal person. Fine, it’s Madonna and it actually doesn’t look that bad at all but the veins are a little too crypt keeper. Still love her though.

  9. I dont understand people who comment “dress appropriately for one age”. That is just wrong. Is there a guideline on what youre supposed to wear for your age? Not because this is directed at Madonna..but its like..what are you gonna wear when you’re 50? Are u suddenly going to retire from fabulous fashion and wear Laura Ashley? What? Totally uncalled for. One should dress for one vocation. And the life you lived.
    I applaud Madonna and women like her who dresses the way she wants to. Its a free world and its her money.
    Isabella Blow R.I.P

  10. candyfighter

    i think i just gagged a little in my mouth. blech! >_< disgraceful!

  11. All those gym sessions seem to make her haggard and manly in a completely unflattering way. The model who looks like she doesn’t hit the gym ever pulls off the look tons better.

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