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Written By bryanboy

South China Morning Post

Flamboyant??? ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *gasp* *wink*

And this, my friends, is why you SHOULD NEVAH sit beside (or get your photo right beside) the very stunning and absolutely beautiful Ms. Zhang Zilin (who is 6-foot-1) of China aka Miss World 2007. Just kidding. It was an honor to sit beside her, of course!!! Although……….. good god gracious, I have never felt so fugly in my entire life. I look like a fish! Zhang Zilin is SOOO gorgeous I swear.

But hey, what can I do eh? Maybe this is why I obsess about fashion so much. I just wanna cover myself in clothes.

And accessories. Tons of them! LOL.

Thank you Andrew!

PS. Click HERE to read Zhang Zilin's blog in English.


  1. nah..don’t feel bad about being beside that girl.. you should rather feel lucky because at least your pictures are like side by side.. now who gets a chance like that? =) you’re fab BB! =)

  2. Oh my gosh I was talking to this girl today and she was saying how she went to a Marc Jacobs show with some guy who wore latex leggings, and I was like, BRYAN BOY! I WORSHIP HIM!!!! :) Ahhh I love your blog and your life!!

  3. Just saw the article today in a cafe down in Hunghom and found you hilarious!You Go, Girl! Don’t worry about the Beauty Queen beside you, you’re in a class all your own! Have Fun around town!

  4. yo wahddup mun bryanboy,marc jacobs huh?yeah thats mah brand i wear for summer,fall,spring and winter.way to go mah boy!

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