Shoewawa: Pierre Hardy High Top Sneakers

Written By bryanboy


So much for "limited edition". Haha! Just kidding. Jorge sent me a photo of this adorable kid from Barcelona wearing the same shoes. Kids these days eh? Gosh!

According to Jed, Kanye West owns a pair, too. Here's Kanye with Jeremy Scott.

Kanye West, Jeremy Scott

Meanwhile, I bought another pair last week and it should be on its way to me. No more shopping for me, I think. Not for a lonnnnng time. I need to save!!


  1. Two ways for me to instantly lose interest in something: children or Kanye West wearing it. Regardless, his sneakers are a waste of money; I’d buy his heels.

  2. B… I haD one yesterday, now it’s on its way back to barneys… theyre damaged… so much for the quality of a very limited pair huh…
    so another 2-3weeks for moi?! Wanna see how damaged it is? ^^
    ~Sent you an email a week ago and asked for an advice ^^

  3. vincent

    that kid is insane.
    the hair makes his look. and the sad thing (for adults, at least) is that he did not even have to try. . .
    panalong bata.

  4. shakespeare

    I love this kid! And I’m happy to see Hardy’s liked by the most young.
    God save this genious.

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