Runway Reporter New Zealand, Jaeha, MR Hong Kong, Elle Indonesia

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Runway Reporter NZ, Jaeha, MR Hong Kong, Elle Indonesia

Thought I'd do a quick shameless self-promotion post before I get down to business.

Runway Reporter, the online home of New Zealand's Fashion Quarterly magazine, recently named their top ten favourite fashion blogs. Who's on the list? The Sartorialist, Facehunter, Cobrasnake, Girl with a Satchel, Jezebel… and me. Eek! I have to admit it does feel kinda awkward to be on a list with major internet heavyweights out there.

Runway Reporter New Zealand

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so honored! You know, I've never been to New Zealand. I hope to visit there someday. I know a few Kiwis and they're all super nice. I even met the Korean-born Jaeha (one of NZ's most promising young designers — check him out) in Sydney a few months ago. I love him. I think he's fabulous!

Jaeha-Alex Kim

Moving on… also a quick thanks to MR magazine in Hong Kong who published a cute little mention on me this month.

MR Magazine Hong Kong

For those of you my Indonesian readers, don't forget a copy of Elle Indonesia next month (September 2008) for a quick appearance. ;)

Oh dear. Geography is truly no boundary to my faggotry. LOL. Thanks everyone! Thank you thank you thank YOU!

More to follow!


  1. Bravo BB… I’m buying Elle Indonesia tomorrow first thing in the morning.

  2. I already had the Elle Indonesia and you’re on top 50 hot fashion. Good job BB

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