Theodore's The Store

Thank god it's Friday. I canceled all of my appointments today because I'm exhausted, dead-tired and I have some serious backlog going on. I think I need a few days off the road just to catch up with work… meaning 3 or 4 days of undisturbed online time. A lot of people think that all I do is sit pretty on my fat ass but it's hard… very hard… being a one-man circus. But whatevs, eh? I made my bed now I'm gonna lie in it.

Moving along…

I went to Theodore's The Store again yesterday for a piece I'm working on and I discovered a few nifty things. Click click click!

I love this chocolate mirror! It's obviously not real (duh) but I think it's cute.

Chocolate Mirror

About $5… not bad eh?

Theodore's also carries books from Taschen. Here are a few paperbacks from their ICONS series…

Taschen Books Icons Series

There's a big surprise I'll show you but I'll save it for another entry.

Here's a couple of men's shoes that I like… (yes I know. don't start. fuck me with a fruitcake!). I love the suede Opening Ceremony pair on the right.

Opening Ceremony Men's Suede Shoes

In the end, I bought this tee by House of Cassette, a brand based out of Los Angeles.

House of Cassette t-shirt, Please Feel Free to Shut the Fuck Up

My thoughts exactly.

I also got a pair of leggings (I know… not again) which I'm gonna write about next.

That's all!