Please Feel Free to Shut the Fuck Up – House of Cassette

Written By bryanboy

Theodore's The Store

Thank god it's Friday. I canceled all of my appointments today because I'm exhausted, dead-tired and I have some serious backlog going on. I think I need a few days off the road just to catch up with work… meaning 3 or 4 days of undisturbed online time. A lot of people think that all I do is sit pretty on my fat ass but it's hard… very hard… being a one-man circus. But whatevs, eh? I made my bed now I'm gonna lie in it.

Moving along…

I went to Theodore's The Store again yesterday for a piece I'm working on and I discovered a few nifty things. Click click click!

I love this chocolate mirror! It's obviously not real (duh) but I think it's cute.

Chocolate Mirror

About $5… not bad eh?

Theodore's also carries books from Taschen. Here are a few paperbacks from their ICONS series…

Taschen Books Icons Series

There's a big surprise I'll show you but I'll save it for another entry.

Here's a couple of men's shoes that I like… (yes I know. don't start. fuck me with a fruitcake!). I love the suede Opening Ceremony pair on the right.

Opening Ceremony Men's Suede Shoes

In the end, I bought this tee by House of Cassette, a brand based out of Los Angeles.

House of Cassette t-shirt, Please Feel Free to Shut the Fuck Up

My thoughts exactly.

I also got a pair of leggings (I know… not again) which I'm gonna write about next.

That's all!


  1. hoy bakla i saw your pic on the new sarah geronimo movie!!! grabe sikat ka na!!! pati jologs na movie eh pinapalabas ka na!!! ;-)

  2. Didn’t you ask to be “bitch-slapped virtually” when you talk about shoes again?
    save up!!!!
    love you, bryanboy!

  3. Love the tee. The black patent shoes are very similar to those Marc Jacobs ones you posted recently. I love that bag you have. It’s not an “it” bag and it’s classic and versatile.

  4. hi bryan, can i ask what brand are those sneakers from the second last pic you posted in this entry. really like the metallic silver one and the yellow too!

  5. paulapoo

    Hun, you just need some Jollibee Chickenjoy. It’ll perk you right up! Loaded with healthful nutrients to keep you going. xxxooo

  6. the shirt you’re wearing….Im just curious….Is it inspired from BEN 10 the animated series…coz its looks a lot like the shirt that the main character is wearing….

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