Please Bear With Me.

Please bear with me over the next few days. The past 48 hours have been crazy. On the personal front, we brought my grandmother to the hospital yesterday afternoon. She's severely depressed and we just found out she's barely eating. They confined here and they're performing some tests. To my knowledge earlier this morning, the docs said she's 'fine' (so far) but now comes a call from her helper asking my dad to go there for a visit because she's 'not feeling good'. At 9:31PM. I dunno what is going on but I'm SO exhausted.

Meanwhile, I barely had sleep last night. I woke up at 1AM today… left the house at 7 to make the 8AM call time for my friend's look book. This was me earlier today at 8:30AM getting my hair done at the salon.

10 looks, head shots, fake eyelashes and 12 hours later…  this was me about 45 minutes ago at 8:30PM at the back of my car on my way home. Click click click!

Not a pleasant sight, innit?

I also had 4 red bulls, 2 starbucks venti americanos and 3 plastic cups of coke zero in between.

Tomorrow is another day.

Hospital, 2 business meetings, dry cleaning, 3 interviews, an article I'm contributing for a magazine, hair colour, facial.

Help me god.