Pierre Hardy Black & Gold High Tops Sneakers

Written By bryanboy

It's the Little Things That Count

It's 8:11PM and I just got home. I'm EXHAUSTED! I woke up at 6AM, got out of the house 8, went back at 10, got out again at 11, ran errands, shot a few places, interviewed a few people, bought a few things here and there, went to a couple of business meetings, signed a contract, picked up a check, spent a lot of time hopping from one place to another… it was a crazy day. Beyond crazy! I honestly don't know how you people do it. I remember a few months ago I was complaining how bored and tired I am being the forever homebody but after today… damn… I'd kill just to stay at home the whole day and do ABSOLUTELY nothing.

Nevertheless, I feel good. My friend from New York (thank YOU) sent me a package last weekend with some of my purchases and I finally got them today. I was depressed last week so I bought this. I'm fine now though. Nothing a pair of shoes can't cure. Haha! Say hello to my new baby.

Pierre Hardy Black & Gold High Top Sneakers


Pierre Hardy Black & Gold High Top Sneakers

OK OK OK I swear. I'm officially **BANNED** from buying — AND — talking about shoes. I need to save and go on holiday!!! The check I got today will go straight to bill pay! My ass is so broke from the recent sales I can't afford Motel 6 even if I wanted to. Please… please for the life of god make a mental note to virtually slap me the next time I talk about footwear.

Thank you.

PS. Now THIS is what I call a REAL sale. Let Luisa Via Roma show you how it's done. Spring/Summer menswear (Dior Homme, Lanvin, Rick Owens etc… all the labels the cool boys love) at 70% off! Go go go!


  1. Billy D

    ooo Bryan, where did you get those Pierre Hardy’s? I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of black high tops and while I like the suede ones with patent leather on Luisaviaroma, I like these better!

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